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Search engine optimization: Technical SEO and why you should use it.

What is Technical Search engine optimization?

A technical SEO strategy strives to optimize a website’s ranking by meeting modern search engines’ technical requirements. This includes crawling, indexing, rendering, and structural elements of a website.

Why should you use Technical SEO to optimize your site?

In order to provide their users with the best possible results for their searches, Google and other search engines prioritize user experience. As a result, Google’s robots crawl and evaluate web pages based on a multitude of factors. An important factor is how quickly a page load, based on the user’s experience.

Search engines also use other factors to determine how to rank your pages. In addition to structured data, they use other factors. Through improving technical aspects, you aid search engines in crawling and understanding your site. You may benefit from higher ranking or even rich results if you do this well.

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An optimized website should have the following characteristics.

Faster loading screen– The speed of a website’s loading is important today. There’s an impatience among people, who don’t want to wait for a page to open. People get frustrated and move onto another website, so if your website is slow, they will stop coming and you will lose many potential customers.

Search engines are able to crawl it– SEO Websites are crawled or spidered by search engines using robots. These robots follow links found on your website to find content. They will be able to understand what the most important content is on your website if you have a good internal linking structure. Additionally, there are several ways you can control robots. For instance, you can prevent them from crawling certain areas if you don’t want them to do so. Alternatively, you can let them crawl a page while telling them not to show the results or not to follow the links on the page.

With duplicate content removed, search engines will not be confused– As a result, search engines might rank all pages on your site lower if your website features the same content on multiple pages. This may result in search engines getting confused since they may rank the highest page based on content.

An optimized website is a secured website– There are many ways you can make your WordPress website secure, but one of the most crucial ones is using HTTPS. Having a technically optimized website is a secure website. Making your website safe for users to guarantee their privacy is a basic requirement nowadays.

An explanation of how a seo website is delivered from a server to a browser:

Domains are requested by the user– Due to the DNS link between a domain name and an IP address, people can request a website directly from their browser or by clicking on a link.

The browser requests information from the server– In response to this request, the browser performs a DNS lookup request in order to convert the domain name into its IP address. Using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, the browser then requests the server’s code to construct your web page. Resources are sent by the server– When a search engine request is received for a website, the server sends the website files to the search engine’s browser.

A web page is assembled by the browser– As soon as the internet browser receives the resource from the server, it must assemble it into a web page that can be viewed in the user’s browser. The browser creates a Document Object Model (DOM) by parsing and organizing all the resources of the web page.

Final requests are made by the browser– After downloading, parsing, and executing all the page’s necessary code, your browser will then display the page, unless it needs any additional code from your server to show your website.

The website appears in your browser– After everything that has taken place, your website has now been transformed (rendered) from code to what you see.

Ways to improve your site’s Technical seo, you need to think about:

  • Javascript
  • URL structure
  • Structured data
  • Thin content
  • Duplicate content
  • Hreflang
  • 404 pages

The three most common programming languages are:

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  • HTML – What a website says (titles, body content, etc.)
  • CSS – How a website looks (color, fonts, etc.)
  • JavaScript – How it behaves (interactive, dynamic, etc.)

How does each programming language work?

Web pages were originally built with HTML during the early days of the internet. Content on webpages had begun taking on some style once CSS was developed. When JavaScript became available, website structure and style could now be dynamic.

JavaScript– The development of non-static web pages has been made possible by JavaScript. This programming language allows a user to access a page enhanced with JavaScript through their browser, changing the static HTML that the server returns into a page with some sort of interactive functionality.

CSS– Cascading style sheets are responsible for causing your web pages to appear in particular fonts, colors, and layouts. As HTML’s primary purpose was to describe the content, rather than to style it, CSS brought a brand new dynamic to the table. A large site, in particular, would benefit from CSS, since it enables web pages to be styled without requiring manual coding of styles into HTML.

HTML– The tags are the shortcodes that the site author types into a text file – this is how HTML works. A browser, such as Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator, can then view the HTML file. To write your HTML, you must use tags correctly. It is possible to create HTML pages with a simple text editor, an advanced graphical editor, or anything in between.


In conclusion, the objective of Technical SEO is to ensure that a website meets the technical requirements of search engines in order to improve organic rankings. Crawling, indexing, rendering, and website architecture are all part of Technical SEO. Your SEO website will be able to rank top if you follow the steps provided and understand the ways of how programming languages work.