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How to Write Attractive Meta Title and Description for SEO Onsite Optimization?

Having a compelling Meta title and description is important when doing SEO for your website

What are Meta Titles?

Meta titles are headlines that appear during SERP (Search engine result page) and is extremely important.

Meta Titles

Meta titles help search engines like Google provides data about your site. Simply put, they let search engines know what your content is about and is important for SEO

Why are Meta Titles so important?

Having meta titles means that it will offer more details about your site to search engines as well as people who encounter your site in SERP

Meta titles can highlight the important parts of your site’s content and make your website stand out in SERP

What are Meta Description?

A Meta Description is a HTML tag you can set for either a post or a page on your site , you can describe your website’s content using the meta description. This way it can convince people who come across your site during SERP to click into your site and view its content.

Meta Description

Is Meta Description important?

Meta Descriptions are as important as the title tag. It gives search engines as well as people who encounter your site in SERP more details about your content.

A Meta Description should have a accurate description of the content of your page. Meta Descriptions are usually what determines if the users will click on your page, which makes it important to have Meta Description during SEO optimization.

Tips on how to make your Meta Title and Description better

Meta Description

  • Keep your description up to 155 characters. There’s no limit to how long you have to keep your description to, but if you do some research on other site’s, most of their descriptions are about 120-155 characters long.
  • Use focus keywords. If it matches a part of the text in the meta description, search engines like Google will use it and highlight it in the search results.
  • Add rich snippets to your meta description if possible. Rich snippets makes your site look more appealing and those who come across usually would click on a rich snippet rather than a normal snippet.
Normal Snippet
Rich Snippet

Meta Title

  • Keep your Title Tag up to 60 characters
  • Add compelling words to match your content such as “how to”, “Review” , “Tips”, Buy” or “Top”
  • Use interesting keyword for your Meta Tags. You can use keywords with 4+ words such as “Tips on writing a better Meta Tag and Description”. This is called a long-tailed keyword
  • Start your Meta Tag with your main targeted keyword
  • Write a unique title tag for each page


Overall, both meta titles and meta descriptions are important when it comes to onsite optimization as it helps gain interest of those who come across your site during SERP, as it is the first thing viewers see as they find your site. Having a more compelling Meta Title and Meta description will help with your SEO optimization and increase traffic.