IT Packages

Best IT System Package 1

Build Digital Lead Generation Channels

Build Digital Lead Generation Channels from Existing and new Channels, optimize conversion rate on each channel, Worth $5,000 – $10,000 depends on channel quantities and amount of work – waived

Lead Generation Workflow

consultation will be involved, worth $5,000 – waived.

Best IT System Package 2

Build ERP system

Build ERP system  to allow salespersons to manage Lead and Follow Up with customers (CRM, Sales, Inventory and HR Modules involved), Enterprise Singapore Grant Support is available, Government support $2.33 for every $1 you spend!

web design

Web Design

Website design brings growth to your business! Beautifully designed and purpose-built, our websites uses measurable growth-driven methodologies to increase conversions and leads.

Best IT System Package 3

Digital Channels Analysis

  1. Company Digital Channels Analysis (Website, Facebook, Official Account, Online Platforms, Digital Ads, Landing Pages, QR Code), worth $2,000 – waived
  2. Facebook Page Creation (If don’t have), the Page needs to be under control by the company – Free
  3. Whatsapp Business Account Creation (If don’t have), the number needs to be under control by the company – Free
Digital marketing

Digital marketing service

Digital marketing service will be involved (at least $1500/Month), customer can stop the service at anytime. 99% of our customers make great profit from our service!