PSG Grant Pre-Approved

Psg grant pre-approved visitor management system 1
Psg grant pre-approved visitor management system 2
Psg grant pre-approved visitor management system 3
  • Hurry up! This Grant Support End on 31 Dec 2020

  • No Hidden Cost / No Subscription Fee

  • Lifetime free firmware and software upgrades

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AI Face Recognition Temperature Screening Visitor Management System

PSG Grant Support Pre-approved

* Subject to Eligibility for gov grant, please click button below to inquiry

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Save Thousands of Dollars with VueTech Solution

Integration with SafeEntry and auto record keeping  

one off payment instead of spending thousand dollars every month

With VueTech Solution

Vue tech btm32 temperature screening visitor management system


  • Accurate Facial Recognition

    Recognize employees' face in 0.2 seconds at 99.9% Accuracy

  • Auto Temperature Screening

    Take temperature & alert for abnormal temperature automatically

  • Timestamp of Scans

    Automatically record information with accurate timestamp

  • Grant Access Smartly

    User defined rules to grant access, e.g. Grant access when recognized employee with normal temperature and wearing a mask


  • Eliminate Cross Infection Chance

    Lower chance of cross infection since no close contact

  • Fast Process

    Fast process which takes only 0.2 seconds

  • Easy to Retrieve and Track Data

    Data are automatically kept which can be retrieved anytime

  • Save a lot of manpower

    No need a staff to take temperature and keep the record

* supported by Gov Grant subject to Eligibility, click button below to inquiry

Without VueTech Solution

Traditional face terminal attendance

Face Recognition Attendance System / Door Access



Temperature Screening System


Psg grant pre-approved visitor management system 6

A Full-time Staff Take Temperature and Manage SafeEntry Record

>$2000 per Month


System Integration and Configuration


Total Spending:

>$6500 one-time Payment

+ $2000 Monthly Payment

Challenges & Risk

  • Higher Chance of Cross Infection

    Close contact increase may lead to cross infection

  • Slow Process

    Manual process takes much longer time

  • Hard to Retrieve Data

    Non-organized data hard to retrieve and trace track

  • Waste Manpower

    Manpower is wasted on the manual process

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