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You actually need a website that can continue to generate profit for your business, we can help you with that!

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" With the service of Vue Tech Pte Ltd, our company achieved a 600% sales increase in just 6 months! Amazing! Especially they help us created a new channel of income via our website in a few months.

They not only build website for us, they actually teach us how to get relevant customers from digital channels, they provide services such as standalone ecommerce website setup, digital marketing setup and optimization, SEO setup and consultation, with great performance. If you search any keywords related to "electric bike" or "carbon bike', you can easily find our website, our website traffic grows from 0 to more than 120k per month in just 6 months!

The ROI is unbelievable high, our digital marketing cost is less than 5% of our revenue. It is a pleasure to recommend their service.

In conclusion, the result is great and the price for it is reasonable, you shall give it a try if you are keen for a new channel of income in the digital world. "

*  Real Customer data, actual result may varies

grow your business

A website is a channel that customers get to know your company, it is a place to meet customers and sell your products & services and also a greate lead generator. If you know how to grow it, you business grows easily.

*  Real Customer data, actual result may varies

SEO Setup and consultation

What is organic traffic? It is FREE / Highly related traffic generated from Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We will help you to setup all  the SEO infrastructure and provide SEO consultation service, you can do it well like our other customers.

*  Real Customer data, actual result may varies

Inbound leads, Easy conversion

When customers got the needs for your products & services, and come to look for you automatically and continuously, your business is much easier. We are good at that! You will experience extremely high conversion rate of customers!

*  Real Customer data, actual result may varies

Sell on your own website

It is really high competitive selling on the platforms such as shopee, lazada, and Qoo10, have you imagined that selling on your own website? It feels really difficult, acutally it is not that hard if you are with us!

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Website Build up

Build a website with modern design, to create your brand awareness on the internet.

SEO Setup and Consultation

We set up all the infrastructure for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and provide consultation service to guide you on how to improve your SEO results. You can do it well yourself!

Ecommerce Setup

Setup eCommerce on your website, enable customers to pay directly on your website with Paypal / Stripe.

Responsive Design

Adapt your website to any devices, such as PC/laptop, tablet, and Smart phone.

Digital Marketing Setup

Setup Digital Marketing channels depends on your business nature, including Google Ads, Google Shopping, Facebook Business. Coding your website to adapt to the channels and enable AI optimization. You focus on your business, we do the rest.

Email Cart Reminder

Customers may add to cart but forgot to finish the purchase, our solution will automatically email to customer to increase your conversion rate.

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