AI Face Recognition
& Temperature Screening
& Visitor Management System

Compare to Traditional

Our Solution

  • AI Recognize Face in seconds
  • Take temperature automatically
  • Verify identity automatically
  • Record Info automatically
  • Grant or reject to enter automatically


  • Eliminate Cross Infection
  • Fast process only take seconds
  • Easy to retrieve and track data
  • Saved a lot of manpower


  • Ensure at least 2 reception staffs
  • Take forehead temperature
  • Verify identity (employee or visitor?)
  • Record temperature & other Info in Excel
  • Grant or reject to enter Manually


  • Chance of Cross Infection
  • Slow process may take minutes
  • Hard to retrieve and track data
  • Waste a lot of manpower

Fast & Safe Temperature Screening

AI Face Recognition

Detect face and recognize your employees or visitors as long as they are saved in our system. Or detect as stranger instead.

99.9% accuracy of face recognition in seconds.

Alarm when high temperature is detected.

Detect whether he/she is wearing mask or not.

Grant or reject entering based on your own rules.

Store all the necessary information for tracking purpose.

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